Filtered air area with nice decoration and atmosphere

Customer Care

At Coco Care Spa, we take the word "CARE" seriously, you are served like kings and queens

Service Menu

Head to toe services that refreshen your soul and give you satisfaction

Business location

Walk or take a cab to the backpacker area, the main street is Bui Vien, look for number 148

High quality products

Only carefully-picked natural products are used and they are also algergy-free

English, French and Vietnamese

We speak 3 languages here, let us be your companion

Service room

Feel the softness of fresh towels combining with the relaxing smell and soothing music

Service room/h2>

You and your plus one can enjoy the services in a same private room just for two of you

Skillful therapists

Our therapists are well-trained, communicative and caring

Floor 1 hallway


Our staff

Look how beautiful they are